Revision Policy

Revisions are entirely possible with the designs club. At the time of deciding the package of your services, you can also decide the number of revisions permitted within the selected package. There are no additional fees if you are getting the revisions that are part of your design. The are no hidden charges if your design concepts remain the same. With a team that is entirely dedicated to giving you the best services possible, you can get the revised design within 48 hours. Fast services that guarantee your satisfaction with all our services.


Please note that the descriptor on your billing statement will be “8443945265thedesignsc”

Turn Around Time 

We understand that the Turn Around Time is extremely important when we are talking about design services. Our team wishes to keep you involved in all stages of a design which is why our company has a policy of providing you with at least 48 hours or 2 working days to revise and review the designs. However, in some cases, the designs club may provide 72 hours or 3 working days, depending on the necessity of the task at hand.

An example of how the 48 hours or 72 hours Turn Around Time works is:

  • The order that you place for revision on a Tuesday will be provided to you by Thursday.
  • The order that you place for revision of a Thursday will be provided to you by Monday towards the end of the day.

How we use your information

We use the personal information we collect from you to provide you with our Services, to fulfill a contractual obligation (for example, to process your subscription payments), to improve our Services or where we need your personal information for a legitimate business interest, including to better understand business trends, such as how our products and services are used, and share these insights with our affiliates and business partners. These legitimate interests include:

  • verifying your or your business’ identity

  • preventing risk and fraud (for example, to detect and protect the designs club and other third parties against error, negligence, breach of contract, fraud, theft and other illegal activity, and to audit compliance with the designs club’s policies and contractual obligations)

  • answering questions or providing other types of support

  • providing, securing, debugging and improving our Services and website

  • providing reporting and analytics

  • testing out features or additional services

  • assisting with marketing, advertising, or other communications

  • understanding your needs and eligibility for products and services

  • personalizing your experience on our Services, such as presenting tailored content

  • complying with legal and regulatory requirements

  • enforcing our Terms of Use and / or compliance with this Privacy Policy

We may also collect and use your personal information for any other purpose to which you consent.

We only collect the personal information we consider necessary for achieving these purposes.

We may use information that is aggregated or de-identified so that it is no longer reasonably associated with an identified or identifiable natural person for any business purpose.

Refund Policy

You might not always be dealt the cards that you like. In the case that you are looking for a refund, you can do so with design services. There is a possibility that you do not receive the entire amount. There will definitely be conditions that will apply and may vary according to your specific case.

You will not be eligible for the Refund Policy in the case:

  • In the event that you cancel the services due to unforeseen circumstances before the initiation of the project, you will face a 33% cancellation administrative fee. This is only applicable when the problems due to which you wish to cancel our services do not directly relate to problems in the design service.
  • In the case that a client has subscribed to an entire bundle or package and wishes a refund due to lack of satisfaction. The client will only be eligible for a refund to that individual service only.
  • In the case that the client has received revisions multiple times in respect to any service
    • The client may be entitled to a 50% refund in the case of lack of satisfaction, but a discussion with the project manager is necessary.
    • the designs club will hold the discretion of whether the client is eligible for a refund.
    • the designs club will have the right to make the final decision in the matter.
  • There are multiple reasons that will disqualify the right of a refund to the client.
    • A change of mind
    • Disagreement between the brand internally
    • Reasons that are similar and do not relate to the design services.
  • In the case in which the business closes down or changes its name.
  • The claim is claimed after the pre informed request for refund time allotted.
  • There is a lack of information in the creative briefing
  • The policy or policies of the company have been violated or not been met.
  • There has been a loss of communication for more than 2 weeks.
  • In the case that a project has not been initiated, there will be a 30% administration charge on orders that have been canceled within 24 hours in the case that the project has not been initiated.
  • You have made requests for revisions.
  • The website has either been developed or designed and is currently live.
  • The logo of your brand has been finalized
  • The primary design concept is approved regardless of the services being availed.
  • The package that you have chosen has either been personalized to your needs, or you have chosen a special package available for a limited time span.

    Note: It is necessary that you understand that the designs club has the final right to terminate any contract or reject a project when they see fit. Once you have been issued the refund, you will not be allowed to use any of the designs that have been provided by our team of experts. the designs club will become the owner of the designs and may use them how they seem fit. You will not be allowed the use or access to any of the designs.

    Services not related to design services are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances. If such a service is acquired as part of a Package Deal of any kind, they cannot be used to request a refund on the entire package. Examples of such services are as follows:The designs made by the designs club that are not part of the services are not eligible for refunds. The services that cannot be eligible for services are:

    • Copyrights Protection Certificates.
    • Website & Emails Hosting Services.
    • Website SSL Certificates
    • Website Domain Purchase.
    • Website Maintenance Plans.
    • Website SEO Plans.
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Adwords Campaigns

    The services that have not been a part of the 100% refund policy is and are not up to your satisfaction may be reviewed with the company. It may be possible that you may receive a partial refund after reviewing.

    Claim Your Refund

    If you are looking to claim a refund, you may contact us:

    • Live chat allowing you to discuss your refund with an agent
    • Through the number that we have provided so that you can contact the project manager directly.
    • Through email explaining the reasons for claiming a refund and why do you think that you are eligible for a refund.

    When you claim your refund, we process the request to provide you with a complete analysis report of your tasks. We will initiate our protocols that refer to refund claims.

    If you are looking to cancel a project, you may do so within 24 hours of placing your booking. In the case that you are not able to do so before the deadline timings, there will be a cancellation fee charge.

    By receiving a refund, you will not have any rights to the designs. This applies in the case that there is no mutual agreement in written format. Copyright Acquisition of the Government Copyright Agencies will be provided a copy to maintain legality.

    Quality Assurance Policy

    the designs club ensure that you are able to get the best services possible. All your requirements are made to ensure that you are satisfied. You will be provided with a well-researched design.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    • We offer as many revisions as possible to get complete satisfaction from your side for a design.
    • The aim of the designs club is to exceed all expectations of our clients.
    • It is a company policy to ensure that you are 100% satisfied at all times.

    Delivery Policy

    • The turnaround time will be as per the package, and the minimum time required for turnaround will be a minimum of 48 hours.
    • The websites will only be published when the client is completely satisfied with all the changes and the final product.
    • In the case of an urgent decision, you may contact customer support to get an urgent answer.
    • An email will be sent to confirm your order along with the account that you have provided and the date issued.

    Design Ownership & Rights

    Designs that have been finalized and approved by the designs club will be provided to the client. At the time of the finalization of the project, all core files will be transferred to the client as they will have complete ownership.

    • The final design by the designs club is the sole ownership of the client.
    • It is permissible for the client to use the final design as they seem fit.
    • Any product or material, or media created or generated during revision is not owned by the client.

    Content Creation & Population

    Creating or populating the content to a website is not the responsibility of the designs club unless specified previously. If the service has been purchased separately, the designs club will:

    • Populate website the designs club with content for created for the client.
      • In this case, the content specified by the client will be created by the designs club.
    • The website will be populated with images or pictures.
      • the designs club will acquire images from stock photo websites.
      • the designs club will not be responsible for any manner for similarities between images used on the website that resemble other websites or content.
    • the designs club will include product details on the website
      • i. The product details will be provided by the client.

    N.D.A. & Reputation Management Policy

    • the designs club does not share any information related to any customer, project, or services.
    • Upon the completion of a project or projects, both concerning parties will sign formal documents ensuring that either party will not defame or deprecate the other with matters once the project is completed.
    • Upon the completion of a task, both parties shall not provide defamatory comments for the other.

    Record Maintenance

    the designs club will maintain records and data of all tasks and projects in the case of misplacement by the client. A copy shall be provided to the client if required.

    Customer Support

    The customer representatives are available to answer all queries five days a week between 9 is to 5 pm. You can contact customer support between Monday and Friday every week. In the case that you wish to submit a query after business hours, you may do so through email. A member will get back to you as soon as possible the next day.

    Technical Support Policy

    the designs club is a design consultancy and design service provider. We will develop and design the services that you require. Technical aspects will be included when the client purchases a service or a package through email and chat. the designs club will provide the client with the basic information regarding those services and the settings required to make those services are operational. However, the designs club shall not provide detailed guides or installations of services. Services that are included but are not limited to are mentioned below:

    • Website Deployment
      • the designs club will deploy the website for the customer on a Hosting server provided by the customer or purchased through us.
        • Hosting Service provided by the designs club is a free service in some packages provided to the client as an added feature without any cost. If not part of the pacakge it needs to be purcahsed from a Third Party Service provider either by the customer or through the designs club.
          • A Hosting server provided by the customer (purchased from a Third Party)
        • In the event the website is hosted on a third party web server purchased by the customer, the designs club will not be held responsible for any kind of server or hosting-related issues.

    There is no ongoing Service Level Agreement (S.L.A.) between the client and the designs club in terms of technical assistance or service outage unless purchased separately as an ongoing maintenance service.

    • Website Content Management System (C.M.S.: Content Management System)
      • the designs club will provide the customer with a user manual to use the website C.M.S. (Content Management System).
      • the designs club will not be responsible for training the client in the said website C.M.S. (Content Management System).
    • Emails Setup:
      • the designs club will be providing the customer with the necessary settings and information to install the emails on their end.
      • the designs club will not be responsible for installing said emails onto the customer end.
      • the designs club will not be responsible for providing technical support or assistance in troubleshooting errors on email usage as all our emails are on open servers and accessible by all service providers.the designs club will not be responsible for providing technical support or assistance in troubleshooting errors on email usage as all our emails are on open servers and accessible by all service providers. 

    the designs club will not be held responsible in any way for customer’s failure to execute, install or learn the usage of above said services on their end, as the responsibilities for those lie on the customer’s end. 

    Communication Policy

    • Designs Utility Account platform shall be used for any requests that are related to feedback, revisions, or refunds. Any instructions relating to the order shall also be communicated through the platform as it will be considered official. 
    • the designs club will hold no responsibility for any communication that has been done so through any other platform or medium. The only mediums of communications are either the contact number provided or through the Designs Utility Account Platform.
    • Any emails that are sent or received from [email protected] will be considered a valid form of communication.
    • the designs club shall not be responsible for any communication that has damaged, caused any issues or delays. .
    • the designs club takes complete responsibility that has been provided through our official domains.

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